Suddenly, LTE coverage around Ojo Encino/Torreon Mission NM!

In this starved-for-high-speed coverage corner of the Navajo Nation, suddenly we've seen LTE signal show up in the area.  We heard a new tower was going up, and I've seen via the OpenSignal app new towers in the area.  So, there's excitement.  (I get 2 bars of 3G, for example.  When the wind blows right.)  So we were wondering if there is a timeline for when the LTE service will be fully up and functional.  I got the sensation that things might be in a "test mode" right now.

Because towers are so far apart out here, signal varies widely.  I'm interested in a cell repeater and a jetpack/hotspot, but obviously whether I need a 3G version or 4G makes quite a big difference.

Any answer not of salesperson boilerplate would be appreciated.  Smiley Happy


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