Suddenly Terrible Coverage Dropped Calls

I've typically had decent coverage for my area and can't remember the last time I had a dropped call. Within the last few weeks however my calls are constantly being dropped. At least 2-3 times per call with "No Service". My upstairs neighbor has also experienced the identical problem starting around the same time my own poor coverage started. Considering switching to T-Mobile.

Re: Suddenly Terrible Coverage Dropped Calls
Customer Service Rep

So sorry to hear about the issues with your service, atomiccherry. That's certainly not the experience that we want for you and we definitely want to help figure this out and turn things around. We would never want you to leave the Verizon family. What's the nearest cross streets and zip code of your current location? Have you tried out Wi-Fi Calling (if you have Wi-Fi available)? If you aren't sure how to enable this, let us know the make/model of your phone. Also, are you having issues with texting and mobile data as well?