Super slow data with 4-5 bars of 4G LTE
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I have basically no data service even with full 4G service. This seems to be limited to just a single cell tower but it happens to be the tower that services my home and business making my phone worthless. One area I work I having roaming "E" service and that has a faster data connection than Verizon 4G around my home. This impacts both mine and my wife's phone; 2 different brands of phone. 

Verizon has been unhelpful after hours on the phone. 

This problem has gotten worse. It used to be slow most of the time and non usable at night, but now it has become non usable all the time. No this has nothing to do with throttling, not over the data limit, and it is consistently like this no matter where in the billing cycle I am. 

Re: Super slow data with 4-5 bars of 4G LTE
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No data transmission with full bars of 4G/LTE is a concern, MXM3904, and a concern that we would be more than happy to investigate further. This could be congestion on the tower you are connected to given the fact that your device shows LTE. What plan are you on? What is your zip code? 

Re: Super slow data with 4-5 bars of 4G LTE
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They are going to lie to you while smiling and laughing at you. The truth is they are throttling your data. They are either doing it directly to you for political reasons, or they are throttling the tower as a whole. They think you won't mind because you will buy a 5g phone and spend more money. They want you to buy another phone, anytime you have an issue that is and will always be the answer. That or they disagree with your political views and are targeting you specifically. You may laugh at that notion, but Twitter just booted 12 million users.