Terrible Service and even worse 4G - Does this get better?
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I have been using Verizon for ages now. I've generally been pretty please with the service, until the iPhone started being the big seller. Smart phones are inevitable these days, and we have to pay the exact same rate as everyone else in the country for our "service" only to not receive any. I live in the Panhandle of Oklahoma. Due to overcrowding of the tower and no signs of them doing anything about it, I am considering dropping Verizon, or all of my data. Text messages between iPhones (iMessages) will not go through if not hooked up to wifi. In fact, none of the features that 4G is supposed to support work out here. It would be different if Verizon wasn't one of the main providers out here, but since they are this is simply not excusable. People from my area code have submitted many complaints and here we are, years later, and nothing has been done. We are running on 3G out here, and it simply doesn't work. I am spending money on data each month for absolutely no reason.

Calls are constantly dropped

Texts that have pictures or anything but text in them fail to be sent

There is no such thing as mobile internet

Apps are constantly unresponsive due to no service.

The smart phone is essentially non existent here.

So my question is this: Has anyone else had issues similar to this? If so, was anything ever done about it, or am I talking to brick walls?

Area Code: 73942 Oklahoma

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Re: Terrible Service and even worse 4G - Does this get better?
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I too live in Guymon and have horrible data service. It doesn't seem like it was this bad until the last year or so - I've lived here six years and used Verizon the entire time (first Alltel then continued with them when Verizon bought them). I have five phones on my account and am preparing to purchase the 5s but am reconsidering in light of the poor data here. I complained to the Verizon store in Liberal yesterday and the rep said he'd heard we had issues but had no resolution. I also complained on the phone to tech support today and he listened but didn't offer to submit a ticket. As far as I can tell Verizon has no plans to upgrade service in our area and I'm very disappointed with them. Two of my users don't have home Internet so they rely entirely on data off their iPhone. It's almost nonexistent today though. I couldn't even retrieve a photo off Facebook inside or out nor while driving around town. If I didn't have wi-fi at home and travel so often that I need a reliable carrier elsewhere, I would have switched to the local wireless carrier long ago. I've seen frequent posts in our Beg Buy Barter Facebook group urging people to call and complain but otherwise, there's no help for us. HORRIBLE. Sorry I can only commiserate and not help.