Terrible call quality and lack of support
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We have complained several times to Verizon about the terrible call quality in our area, spending several hours on the phone in the last few months. Problems include severe static, sound gaps, dropped calls, NO 4G service and/or low signal bad 4G, sometimes only 1G... all less than 1 mile from our former residence where we got excellent 4G coverage.

FYI, we live in a popular metropolitan area. In addition to the poor call quality, we ran the FTC Speed test app and the 4G data rate near our residence was over 100 times SLOWER than the 4G data rate 5 miles away near a local shopping center.

We asked the last Customer Service person we spoke to put in a request to have the tower in our area retasked and serviced to deliver the call quality and performance VERIZON claims in all their advertising. She promised someone would look into the problem promptly and we'd be contacted with an update to our complaint within 5 days. That was nearly two weeks ago and we're still waiting for a response.... and the problem seems to be getting worse.

The latest problem is that we cannot make outgoing calls at all right now.

WORST cellphone service we've ever had with any carrier. If you're reading this and considering VERIZON, we recommend you use a different carrier.

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