Terrible coverage in orange hills, ca

No cellular coverage in our entire community(the hills of 92869)! I purchased a Verizon 4G LTE Network extender 2 from the Verizon store and installed at home. It would not connect to Verizon’s network. Spent an hour troubleshooting with support chat to come to find out it won’t work with prepaid plans! I pay for 3 lines of unlimited ahead of time, no credit extended, and I come to find my family has been downgraded to an inferior network that I can’t enhance with this extender. The thanks we get for paying our bills a month in advance! Not happy Verizon, you may be losing a 15 year customer.

Re: Terrible coverage in orange hills, ca
Customer Service Rep

Reliable coverage is a must, this day in age, and we are here to come to a resolution. Please tell me the troubleshooting steps you have performed, as we would not want to repeat any on our path to fixing your service.