Terrible signal for months

For the last 6-12 months my signal has been almost unusable at my house.  If im lucky ill get 3 or so bars till it drops to 1 bar, requiring me to restart my phone to fix it. I use my phone as a hotspot alot and i can no longer get a good enough connection to game online most days. I've made sure everything on my phone (galaxy note 9) is up to date, no background running apps, nothing running and even my calls still drop. If this doesnt get fixed soon im finding a new provider, im so tired of this terrible service. (I know its not my phone, ive tested an iphone aswell and it still gets terrible signal here in Foley, Alabama)

Re: Terrible signal for months
Customer Service Rep

Hello, reed56. We want to make sure get the assistance you need to turn this service issue around. We have sent you a Private Note to assist you further.