Tewksbury MA- Verizon Wireless cellular and data service is a joke in this area.
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I live in a neighboring town of Billerica, MA.  Whenever I travel to Tewksbury, MA (01876) my cell service is non existent.  I can not make a phone call, receive a text message or look up a website.  My phone tells me "I can not connect to the network at this time."  It is so frustrating, no having the ability to complete a simple cell phone task in this area.  I am using a Nokia Icon 4G LTE phone,  Anyone else having this issue?

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We do want you to have quality service. I appreciate all the information you have given. I just need a little more info to look into this further for you. Is this happening all over Tewksbury, MA? Is more just in specific spots? Is it indoors and/or outdoors? Does anyone else that you know have the same signal issue?

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