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Text From 502 - com.vzwdmserver

I've been getting a text for the last month or so from the number 502.  The text includes a number of unknown characters.  It ends with com.vzwdmserver.  Which made me assume this is a Verizon problem.  I've been getting the text at all hours of the day, everyday with the exception of some weekends.  I went into a Verizon store and the rep had never seen the texts before.  His solution was to delete all the messages (including emails) from my phone and hope it went away.  Well, it didn't.  After doing some research today I found out I wasn't the only one, and called Verizon tech support.  I got passed to three different people, expected.  The woman on the phone came back after putting me on hold for a number of minutes to tell me that Verizon has an open ticket on the issue but no solutions have been found yet.  She told me to wait until August 16th, as it typically takes their tech team 14 days to figure out the problem, and if the texts have not stopped after that time to call back.  You have to just love Verizon.  She gave me the "Primary Ticket number" 4487520 to refer to when calling back for the same issue.  She said they assume it's an issue with the network board's response to some task being done on your phone... They don't know what the task is (could be simply opening a browser).  She said this issue is specific to Thuderbolt. 


I was surprised to see no posts on the Verizon forum.  I'm a little annoyed by this issue and the response to "wait it out" and call back if you still have an issue in a week.  I've been having the issue for at least a month. 


Anyone else having the same issue?  Anyone had better luck at fixing it than I? 

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Re: Text From 502 - com.vzwdmserver
Verizon Employee

Its very frustrating to be getting those messages at all hours. I would be pulling my hair out with multiple bad text messages. I can definitely help if you are still experiencing this issue. I pulled the trouble ticket that you referenced and I see the engineers have stated this should be resolved. Please PM me if you are experiencing issues and I will open a ticket in your name to fix this quickly for you.


Thank you

Thunderbolt power hog. I want my money back
Verizon. You got to help. You know the thunderbolt is the worst phone to ever hit the 4g market. It only last 4-5 hours. Are you kidding me. Who in their right mind sells a piece acrap like this. I have been a 12 year verizon customer. My average bill is 200 a month. I go to join the 4g world and your store sells me the hottest phone out there. The thunderbolt, oh yeah, they forgot to mention i shouldnt leave it turned on. It drains power faster than a nuclear power plant in japan. Iam told to buy extra batteries or get the extended fat battery. Really? That help for a few exrta hours. Still barely made it a 1/2 day with fatty battery. Of course i tuned off apps, turned off 4g.... Did all the tricks. Still no luck. This phone is a over designed piece of power chewing crap and you need to get it out of stores. Please give me a credit on a new phone. Iam a very loyal customer who has never complained. The Htc folks are to blame, but they wont help after 14 days. Your people sold me this phone so i need to ask you to make this right. Look up my account. You'll see that i have never been late on a bill. Iam the perfect high data user that makes you a lot money. Your very nice but uninformed sales folks in boulder, co, sold me a lousy device. What is the point of any smart phone if i have to carry several batteries to work just to get through a 8 hour workday.
Re: Thunderbolt power hog. I want my money back
Verizon Employee

Good morning Bsg.


I completely understand your frustration with the battery life of your Thunderbolt, as I would feel the same way.  I know I also need my phone to last all day.  How long have you had this device?  Have we done any troubleshooting other than just recommending an extended battery?  Has the device been replaced?  Being that the battery life is so low, we will need to troubleshoot since you are out of the Worry Free period.  If the device needs to be replaced under the 1-year manufacturer's warranty, it will be replaced with the same device.  However, please send me a Private Message and I will be happy to personally assist you further.


Thank you,