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Thanks I will I knew they would not give me unlimited service and I know how big yalls network is and Iv been a loyal customer for many yrs like 10 I guess but that has no merit anymore I see. I just cant imagine or even begin to understand how people can pay that kind of $$$ for 4G LTE I can buy a car for what it would cost me to use it, why even have a devise like that what can you use it for laptops are for many things but most are for entertainment use and yall have taken that away from the customer and as for your last very short response to my post seems yall don't really care about the customer anymore that's SAD without my customers I would go broke quick but with the 4G LTE and what it cost yall could loose 4.5 customers like me and still make the same $$$$ as if they were on the 3G plan. Well I will use it till 20GB then call and cancel my account thanks for the advice and good luck with yalls philosophy.

Thank You

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