Thunderbolt 4g battery murdered
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So, I live in a 3g area normally and I have my thunderbolt set to cdma blah blah, and not LTE to obviously save battery. Now I traveled to Watkins Glen in NY and happily set the 4G radio to green go baby go! For literally 2 min I attempted using the 4G to download some webpages I view normally to gauge its speed. Yup it not the bad I tell myself, and drop that 4G bad boy in my pocket. Now I was working outside, standing from 6 am to 8 pm and the only time I used my phone was to check the time.
Screen timeout of 30 seconds, full "bumped" charged stock battery, no task killers, minimal syncing, full 4G signal, and a fresh reboot.
I wanted to create the perfect battery life test for a stock HTC Thunderbolt phone. Other than turning the display on randomly every 45 min or so for 30 seconds I have to say battery life sucks!
The 14 hours I worked, at hour 12 the phone chimed and warned me its at 10%.
That's 12 hours of my 24 hours in a day on 4g and I'm left with a tracphone! I quickly switched back over to cdma turning 4G off, and turned power saver off. Guess what? I made it 2 more hours on cdma with no problems.
Moral of the story is I'm not too excited for 4G to hit my area anymore. Yes I have the extended battery but I would hope stock devices to be working more efficiently. I also hope 4G uses less power. I don't know what happened that day, but it left a bad taste in my mouth.
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Re: Thunderbolt 4g battery murdered

Welcome back to the Forum dadubbakin an on the batt i say ouch on my ext. battery on my X i've went 8h an 45m so far an its only used a 1/4  to 1/2  of the battery an thats pulling Winamp at 54%   B33