Tower - Antenna interpretation

I am a 3G user, but thought since the tower-etc. are related, that I could ask my question here; plus did not come across a 3G board.


In looking at, I see a number of tower and antennas relatively nearby to our new house location in Texas zip 78621. 

How ever in looking at the 'owner', etc. of the units, do not see any reference to VZ or others as owner; did see Bastrop county on one as an example.


Yet, VZ's coverage map clearly shows a full screen of the RED color, standing for 3G-4G coverage.


1.  So ... as a 'novice' to 3-4G ...  how can I be certain that the aforementioned towers will work for 3-4G ... if VZ does not own.


2.  What ... if you know ... is the 'antenna' in the region for?


Trying to line up internet service prior to moving in.


Also, is 4G better for speed than 3G?????????????????





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Re: Tower - Antenna interpretation
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Doonboggle;  Are you one of the smart guys who stayed with the OLD 3G or are you with the new 3G/4G plan?  'Just curious on that point...


4G beats the H... out of 3G  -If you are in solid 4G territory. New 3G sucks. My 3G speeds amounted to less than half a mbps, while 4G hovers around 5-8 full mbps.  In the real world that meant, for me, is a viable option  ( If you're careful about the 5 gig usage limitation)


Here's a couple of pics (  to enhance the conversation. I hope I'm not abusing the privilege.


.....OK, after looking over  the screen dumps I considered them useless & pulled 'em.  You gotta go there & plug in an address

(111 south main street, elgin TX works)  to get real info.



I don't know much about Cell Tower ownership vrs users, and this map only covers 4 miles from central Elgin.

Re: Tower - Antenna interpretation
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Some times it takes a couple of day for the Smart Guys to show up.


'Looks like you haven't got the option of the old, unlimited, 3G plan with the USB 760.   The 3G part of the new 3-4G  LTE currently has all the bugs and none of the speed.



I think the best you can do is go to the dealers (Sprint, AT&T, etc..) and look over all their plans, coverage, and most of all their demos.  Be careful that you're getting the real thing.  I've found the Sprint stores will have their demos wired into some kind of cable,  especially if they're miles away from coverage.   Some slick operators will run a phoney Speedtest video!  See if they are willing to take it out to the parking lot and test the SPEEDTEST.NET out there.    Other than that you're stuck asking the neighbors.       -Anybody out there in Elgin TX using Verizon?