UML290 speed on different computers

I recently found that UML290 download speed is dramatically different between the 2 PC’s I have.

At any time of day or night, one PC is always 1.5 to 2 times faster (using the same speed test website, & running test within minutes of each other).

The PCs are not identical.  The slower UML290 downloads are on a PC that has more RAM (3GB), and a faster Intel processor (3Ghz).

BUT the faster UML290 downloads are on a PC with only 2GB RAM, and a 1.65 Ghz (dual core) processor.

So from a hardware standpoint it does not make sense to me.

Could the 1.5x – 2x faster download speeds be strictly due to the type operating system ??

The faster downloads are on a PC running Vista SP1, the slower downloads are on a PC with windows XP Professional SP3

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Re: UML290 speed on different computers
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That does sound like a bit of an odd issue, but I may have an explanation:

As I recall (and Wikipedia confirms), Microsoft completely re-wrote the network stack for Windows Vista.  The changes implemented here could explain the better performance that you are experiencing on your Vista machine vs. your XP machine.  Some of the changes include:


  • A native implementation of IPv6 (your UML290 uses IPv6 to communicate)
  • A complete overhaul of IPv4