Ulimited Data 4G LTE Throttled

Why has my data plan been throttled?

I have had unlimited data for years.  Yes, I had some high months, 20GB or so, but hey, when I travel, netflix is my friend.

Here is the problem.  The last 5 or 6 months, I have noticed that I have not been connecting as well as my bars shows me.  Netflix drops, I can't tether (yeah I pay for tethering too), and I can barely access webpages when I get the "cannot complete action... -retry?" messages.  I am on the verge of losing my mind, when I saw that they are RAISING my rates by $20 a month because of the unlimited data.

I pay full price for phones (between $700-$800 each) and I pay my bills on time every time, and they not only throttle me, but they want to charge me more to throttle me down.

My residence is in Arlington Virginia... where they have had some most awesome LTE coverage.  My up and down speed was like 60mps with a 6ping... some really really good numbers.  Now I get brought down to 3G and even lose my signal completely.  Not just in Arlington (where my buddies have the same phone and coverage but not unlimited data and they can search and stream like champs), but all over the DC metropolitan area.

I am to the point of just throwing away verizon altogether and go with a company that is at least up front with throttleing for unlimited data and not charging me a car payment each month for the same service.

I just want an answer for this.  I am very not happy about things of late and just want my service to go back to what it was.

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Re: Ulimited Data 4G LTE Throttled
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Hi there, Commander_Hawke

I understand having Unlimited data is an absolute plus, and that when traveling, streaming Movies and Shows definitely takes the edge off and helps pass time. Games are my personal Go-To. But it's important that you are getting the best out of your service.

We appreciate your loyalty, and we certainly don't want to lose you as a customer. Which is why I am excited to be able to give you this information. The price change to unlimited data came with a couple of positive changes as well. The first is that once it takes effect on 11/15, the possibility that you get throttled gets eliminated. It will be truly unlimited and the amount of data used will not impact speeds. The second benefit is that you will now be able to take advantage of our Device Payment program, and split the cost of any new device between 24 months, rather than having to pay full retail up front.

Once this change takes effect, if you are still having troubles with data speeds, or are seeing your signal drop, please reach out to us and let us know, as it may be something going on with the device or in the area that we can troubleshoot with you. We are here to help.

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Re: Ulimited Data 4G LTE Throttled

Leo, thanks for the quick response, and my current emotion is not directed towards you, but the fact that I HAVE been throttled, for all that I have paid for on my side, all my actions I have completed to jump through the hoops to maintain my grandfathered status, that Verizon could not have been honest enough to tell me "your data plan is being throttled".

And that isn't bad enough that I get if I am downloading something or streaming something, but my surfing the internet is so severely impacted, it makes me not want to even use my phone.  My Droid Turbo 64bit with all the trimmings that I paid full price for.

This is something I would expect from AT&T or Comcast.  Not from Verizon.  I am pretty pissed and disappointed at the same time.

At least now when I am charged $50 (+20 for tethering) a month for data, my connectivity won't be slowed down.  /sarcasm_off

But thank you for the quick and professional response Leo.  Truly.