Unacceptable MiFi performance 4G LTE

I have a new 4G LTE 5510L .... I typically use an iPad for internet access ..... the network performance is TERRIBLE, nay UnUseable !!  I downloaded a speed test from ookla.com  it is a simple ping test.  Frequently the test fails as in 0.00 up or down !!  typical speeds are .04-.5 download, .3-1.4 upload  ....... I have noticed if I run the speed test at 05:00 in the morning before going to work it is screaming fast 30-50gig up&down..... so it looks to me like network congestion/capacity .... I'm just outside my 14day window or this would be gone !!   Tech Support Chat had nothing ... visiting the store today.

Any tips or tricks in settings for an iPad hooked up to the 5510L  ??  btw I'm in Houston, coverage shouldnt be an issue, typically 2 bars, 3 if I seekout the sweet spots at home.


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Re: Unacceptable MiFi performance 4G LTE
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DP@work, let's get you a stable connection! Have you powered your MiFi device off/on to soft reset it? How many wireless devices do you have connected to this MiFi at a time? Multiple devices connected can decrease your wireless signal.

What's your zip code? I'll check for service issues for you. Meanwhile, you can take a look at your coverage right here: http://vz.to/1bWp1kX Keep us posted.

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