Unbearable slow 4G service for Verizon

I switched 4 devices to verizon unlimited 5 months ago.

Fine for first 2 months.

After this I can only get 0.5Mbs on a good day!

I have 4 devices to different cities (Albuquerque and Seattle) and different location in each city.

Same result 3G service that runs at 2G speed 0.5Mbs most of the time less than this.

What is the issue, phones have been reset, restarted, when will there be a resolution to the problems.

Other than overselling the plan and capping the speed at the network is there any reason for this.

How can you sell a 4G plan and deliver 2G speed?


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Re: Unbearable slow 4G service for Verizon
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We want to make sure that you the have reliable service you pay for. Let's look into these issues further. What are the ZIP Codes you experience 3G Speeds? Do you notice this to happen all month long?


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