Understanding 4G cellphones and IPv6

I am curious how 4G LTE-based devices make use of IPv6 and what connectivity is possible with them.  Speaking as a Droid Bionic user (love the phone BTW, I mean LOVE it) I'm mostly curious about cellphones as opposed to MiFi access points.


1. I've read that 4G LTE uses IPv6 underneath in its communication with the verizon network, makes sense of course given the immense address space it offers for building the network (Is this true?)


2. Can the 4G cellphones contact IPv6-enabled servers on the public IPv6 Internet?  e.g. my personal website is accessible over IPv6 because my provider uses Hurricane Electric's tunnel broker to provide a subnet to their customers' virtual servers.


3. On Wifi, does the Android 2.3.4 O/S attempt to obtain an IPv6 address if an IPv6 router is available on the wifi subnet?  (I have this at home, as my wifi is just a dumb access point into my network and my router is an Ubuntu Linux Server with a Hurricane Electric IPv6 tunnel, also running the RADVD daemon to advertise its use as a router and provide autoconfigurable publically-accessible IPv6 addresses to clients on the local network)


4. Does 3G use IPv6 underneath or provide any access to IPv6-enabled servers?  (I'm guessing not)


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Re: Understanding 4G cellphones and IPv6
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This is not the place for discussing this. (This is a end user customer forum).


Go here: http://opennetwork.verizonwireless.com/aboutOpenDev.aspx




Click "See Documentation" see specifications and REGISTER for a VZW developer account.


Once registered the VZW Dev. website will give you the information.


To answer without scratching my head, yes the underlying network uses IPv6 privately for signaling and other stuff.


Yes you possibly MAY get a end user public IPv6 address (I tested one in a store and one had it, the other didn't).


I did a tracert from the tunnel to the Verizon Business public internet gateway packet core exit (*.alter.net) and it was IPv6 to Google.


DNS supports IPv6.


How about you do what real developers do, test it for yourself or get WORK to fund it for you!?


3G does not have IPv6 underneath DEPLOYEd but is NOW capable but their upgraded eHRPD core which combines the GSM LTE 3GPP R8 SAE core + traditional CDMA EVDO rA core DOES.


VZW has a industry conference in Las Vegas, I got the email too bad I can't go to Vegas on the 14th... I will be watching the VZW industry conference webcast though from Vegas that morning (PST to EST conversion).