Unlimited Plan's 4G LTE Speed Issues
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Hi, I recently switched to Verizon and I am getting awful speeds on quoted "4G LTE" near my house. I would call myself somewhat technically competent, I used to be on AT&T and I had tested speeds well into the double digits Mbps in my house on my Note 8. Now I have the Note 10+ 5G and I get about 3/3 at best, and it often struggles to break 1, even for down. Internet pages take a long time to load as well. I have the Do More unlimited plan, and I have not used close to 50GB premium data. I have used about 15, 13 of which are speed test, mostly 5G testing (which is amazing I have peaked over 1,400 Mbps down and tested 1,399 down 30 up). I do not believe this is congestion as I never get good speeds here, my zip code is 80305.

Re: Unlimited Plan's 4G LTE Speed Issues

Me too. Hopefully they can help us out. I have the unlimited plan and I can’t watch any videos for garbage. What’s the point of having unlimited LTE if it doesn’t even work. I only my lte when i’m not home bc i have cox wifi but also to watch some football games it will only allow me to watch them using my data but it’s sooooooooo slow! the image is always so pixelated and always buffering, I live so close to the verizon near me so i have no idea why my data is so bad at my house but sometimes when i go out it’s better there. My zip code is 67801 hopefully you guys can help me out too. Oh i also did a speed test and i got .40 mbps download and 3mbps upload which makes no sense to me