Untimely reporting of data usage

Why is Verizon's reporting of my data usage so sporadic?  I received two data reports today, one at ~730 am, and one around 9:30am.  Since then:  NOTHING!  Even though I streamed two 40+ minute programs (at their lowest resolution) from Hulu this afternoon.  It's now 10:24pm, and still no report of my latest usage.  I have 2 days left on my cycle, and I want to use as close to my 10 Gb without going over.  They charge per Gb if you go over, plus they "round up".  If they keep you in the dark the last couple of days of your cycle, it pretty much assures them an add-on rip-off!  Of course, it's all perfectly legal, since you have to sign the contract before you find out how they do the accounting!  They own the FCC, so they think they have the right to rip us off. 

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