VOIP instead of call minutes?

Just wondering if anyone else is thinking like I am...

When 4g is available Nationwide will we see all of our calls and texts go through our data connection? It could mean unlimited minutes and messages at a reduced price. I think if Verizon won't offer anything like this I'll drop most of my minutes and use either skype or google phone instead. 

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Re: VOIP instead of call minutes?
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LTE (Long Term Evolution) 4G is Verizon Wireless' 4th Generation network for wireless data. It enables the mobile lifestyles of today as well as tomorrow and keeps us connected with technology that’s a global standard.

The 4G web page is available at: http://phones.verizonwireless.com/4g/

4G is relatively new to Verizon Wireless in terms of its accessibility to our customers and we are very excited about its future plan possibilities and applications.  There currently is no significant change in voice or VOIP services and we will continue to provide the most reliable Nationwide Service.