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Verizon 4G LTE Home Internet Throttle

I've noticed that my home internet works great except in 2 areas no matter what settings I do;

Netflix and YouTube limited to 10 mbps speed. I can get around this with my personal VPN. 


My employer's Cisco anyconnect VPN using DTLS v1.2 is severely limited and can only do around 1-4 mbps vs. The same machine not on VPN can do 40-50. 


Has anybody been able to get any sort of answer out of Verizon. Their support team has been useless going so far as to claim their network is just not setup for VPNs despite it being a method to avoid their netflix throttle. Also they continually ask me to power cycle or factory reset the device and have no clue what a network sync is or lie and claim a network outage when none is reported. 

Re: Verizon 4G LTE Home Internet Throttle
Customer Support

Hello, Michael95621 and can help with any connection issues. So when using a VPN your connect is slower correct? Can you please explain what prior agents have stated.


- Alan

Re: Verizon 4G LTE Home Internet Throttle

Your agents have had me power cycle, done a network refresh, work with my employers IT, do a backup restore, and a factory reset none of which have resolved my two problems. I also did a ticket with verizon engineering that got me nowhere. They've also claimed it's me over a data cap, I dont have one, or a broken sim, tried multiple home internet devices, this is not the issue, or bad signal area/cell site down, also not a problem as speed is fine besides the 2 problems below. 


My problems are pretty clearly stated in my original message. 


Problem #1

I have confirmed that Verizon throttles video streaming, particularly on Netflix to around 10-15 mbps download whereas regular speeds are 45-50. I used to prove this. When I hop onto my personal VPN my speeds on go back up to 30-35. As far as I know this goes against net neutrality FCC guidelines and even if it didn't Verizon should stop it on their hole internet devices as that's a huge part of home internet usage. 


Problem #2 

My employer uses Cisco Anyconnect VPN that uses DTLS V1.2 protocol for my job. Verizon is throttling this speed to 1 mbps. I've tried every setting and troubleshooting combo I can think of and it doesn't fix it. I need Verizon to stop throttling my connection over my work VPN. I confirmed with my works engineers that it's not their network as many employees with other ISPs don't have this problem. Moreover, I know people who put Verizon sims into cellular routers and do not see this problem. If I turn my work VPN off the problem goes away. 


I believe Verizon has set restrictive SIM permissions on SIMs associated with 4G home internet LTE devices or is doing some sort of throttling of activity on their network and their engineering team needs to fix it. 


Perhaps if this gets viewed enough or I threaten FCC complaints I'll actually get it fixed.