Verizon MiFi4510L Device Upgrade for Windows Users

I have been reading the various post concerning the annoying upgrade issue with MIFI 4510L. I waited on the phone 30 minutes trying to get a hold of tech support. I have taken my MiFI device and lap top to the local store....
they didn't know anything about the issue and called tech support. The ONLY solution was to pull the battery out and if I see the annoying prompt to upgrade again....after being re-directed to the device upgrade page .... is to click on "Install Later".

I have also attempted to install said upgrade numerous times and it acts as if it had completed the process and like ALL the other posts without a successful solution it fails because it is looking for a MiFI device to interface with. In reading the many post and having spoken to the local store people... it appears there is NO solution and I am wasting my valuable data
usage and a whole lot of time. I have seen many posts by people, but NO solution by VERIZON TECH support....THERE MAY BE ONE, BUT I DON'T THINK IT IS MY JOB AS A CUSTOMER TO TAKE MY DATA USAGE TO SIFT THROUGH THE MANY POSTS TO FINALLY FIND ONE.. Nor should many of the other customers be resolving
VERIZON's product issues.

I would think with the numerous problems, VERIZON would have pushed out workable solutions via emails to MIFI customers by now, if not at the very least,  tech updates and notices to their local employees and the local stores (so they can actually resolve the client issue also).


As a Consumer this product has failed, is costing me unnecessary time and effort and I have yet to get a solution to the problem. I shouldn't have to waist time being re-directed to a page to upgrade ONLY o click on "INSTALL LATER" button, simply because VERZION staff can't resolve their product problem..

If the problem can't be resolved (REASONABLY) then VERIZON needs to recall / replace these products. I shouldn't have to wait on the phone 30 inutes nor drive in to town multiple times without success.


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Re: Verizon MiFi4510L Device Upgrade for Windows Users

I found that the firmware upgrade does not play well with Windows 7.  I tried at least 5 times ... unsuccessfully ... to perform the update on the WIN7 machine and even called VzW Tech Support - their response was to reset the MiFi device and try again ... OMG!!!


Well, on a whim today, I pulled my old XP SP3 machine out of the closet, charged it up and attempted the update ... it flawlessly performed the update and I am now on the latest version of the firmware!  Go figure ... why is it that the updater is not:

  1. Over the air as with all the phones and previous USB datacard?
  2. Compatible with the current version of Windows????