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Dear Verizon,

okay so your network is 100x better than competitors, but why limit yourself? Serious.. what are the chances of a push towards 100 Mbps for each and every subscriber and what are the limitations?

Way I see it, you've got all the spectrum and you don't really pay for bandwidth.. is it getting better?


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If you understood the technology you would see that is not the case.

Here a Cliff Notes version

Verizon 4G LTE currently consists of 10 MHz of spectrum for download and 10 MHz for upload.

With 10 MHz each sector on a cell tower( and each tower has 3 sectors ) can handle 150 Mbps TOTAL. That is all users on that sector COMBINED have to share that 150 Mbps.

Each sector averages between 300-400 users. Sometimes more, sometimes less. Of course not everyone is on at all times. Even if only 5% are using a sector at a particular moment 5% of 300 is 15 user 15 users/150 Mbps = 10 Mbps MAX.

Of course this isn't even taking into account that nothing can even use 100 Mbps anyway. What site would you be going to that needs a 100 Mbps connection? Not to mention that you'd blow through you 2 GB cap in 3 minutes at 100 Mbps anyway.