Verizon lied about 4g coverage.
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So, I was mislead by the Verizon websites coverage area map that insinuates there is 4g coverage in my area. I just found out that there is only one 4g tower and that's not enough to cover the area but they have loads of 3g towers. I wish so bad, that I never switched to Verizon. I am supposed to get 50gb of 4g. I can't even get that. I am stuck with a phone that isn't even usable 90% of the time. If tech support doesn't get this fixed very soon, I'm gone. Verizon has been nothing but problems from the beginning. 

Re: Verizon lied about 4g coverage.

 It can take a full decade to put up a new tower so if you have a problem you should’ve shipped out before your 14 day return period expired. It is not up to the carrier to accommodate you. It is up to you to select a carrier that works. 

 I find it extremely unlikely that you are surrounded by 3G only towers. Verizon is shutting down all of its CDMA network at the end of this year. So you are indicating that all of those towers will be completely shut off and provide no service. You can understand why that seems extremely unlikely.  

 If you have selected the plan that is always re-prioritized, that would be the cheaper of the unlimited plans, and in a congested area, then you are probably finding yourself last to the table and everyone else is using service before you.  


Re: Verizon lied about 4g coverage.
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AmyT1932, we appreciate your business & we definitely would not want for you to leave us at all. Making sure that you have the signal you need is our goal. Allow us to work towards a resolution. May I please have your nearest intersection and city or zip code so I can accurately pinpoint your location? (For your personal & account security, please do not give your full address information here in this public post.) Do you know of any other Verizon Wireless users in your area that experience the same signal trouble? Do your signal problems happen when you are indoors, outdoors or both? AliciaD_VZW