Verizon's Network Congestion
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I've been a customer of Verizon Wireless (VZW) for many years, as has my spouse. Neither of us are on an unlimited plan. We're both on separate, tiered plans and shell out over $200 per month to VZW. Since VZW started offering their unlimited plans, we have both seen a drastic decrease in speed (download speeds as low as 3.84 Mbps; upload speeds as low as 0.26 Mbps, and latency as long as 366 Ms), no doubt due to network congestion. It is downright painful to do anything online now.

I called VZW to complain about this on November 27, 2017. The customer service rep I spoke with insisted that VZW is not suffering from network congestion. Instead, she tried to convince me that there must be a problem with my phone--a ludicrous suggestion considering that both my spouse and I are experiencing drastic decreases in speed which just happened to coincide with the introduction of VZW's unlimited plans. Prior to that, our speed was just fine. The rep went so far as to try to convince me to perform a restore on my phone. When I refused to do so, she asked if I would like to open up a network ticket. I did just that. The rep informed me that it would take approximately 72 hours, and that I would receive an email, as well as a text message, with the results. Finally, she claimed she would call me in a couple of days to follow up with me. Well, I never received an email, and I never received a follow-up call, but I did receive a text message that simply directed me to a Signal Concern Resolution video. The video basically stated this, "We've investigated your concern, and though Verizon has the nation's best network, we found that the signal strength in your reported area is less than optimal. This can lead to weakened and reduced network connectivity, especially indoors."

This response would be laughable if it wasn't so pathetic. Apparently, VZW thinks its customers are a bunch of morons. We've lived in the same area for a quarter of a century. We've been customers of VZW for more than a decade and have had no issue with speed until VZW introduced their unlimited plans. Yet, VZW wants us to believe that the drastic decrease in speed we're now experiencing has nothing to do with network congestion caused by their inability to handle the increase in network traffic from their unlimited plans. Rather, it apparently has everything to do with where we live. Really?

It's nice to know that after all the years of hard-earned money we've handed to Verizon, they couldn't even be bothered to follow up with a phone call as promised. Instead, I had to waste my data to watch a video that is nothing more than smoke and mirrors. Why not just admit the truth? VZW cannot handle the increase in network traffic caused by its new unlimited plans, and we all get to suffer for it, even those of us who are paying a pretty penny for our limited data.

We've been loyal Verizon customers for years and years, but guess what? We're not about to dish out over $200 a month for Verizon's horrendous service. So, it looks like we'll be taking our business elsewhere.

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Re: Verizon's Network Congestion
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SoonToBeExCustomer, we value the years of loyalty you and your husband have had with us. The last thing that we would want is for you to leave our Verizon family. We understand how important it is to have reliable service and fast data speeds, especially in this day and age. You always deserve world-class service from us and missing a follow-up call is never the experience we would want you to have. We’ve sent you a Private Message so we can work together to address your concerns. We look forward to hearing from you.


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Re: Verizon's Network Congestion
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My speed has been horrible as well was there anything done about this . I to have been with verizon a very long time . Its the worst its ever been .

Re: Verizon's Network Congestion
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They won't acknowledge it. Try going around truck stops in the evening and you'll be lucky if you're able to pull in 500mbps. I know exactly where you are coming from. So does Verizon but they will not acknowledge their network can't handle the demand. I'm going to T-mobile on Friday.

Re: Verizon's Network Congestion
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Funny you say that. Here it is 2021 and I have the same exact issue only on the weekends when traffic is the worst. Can’t even get on. I got the same exact responses saying it was my phone and then to open a ticket. I was sent the same exact resolution video. 

Re: Verizon's Network Congestion
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