Verizon's service is terribly slow

So I'm in one of the towns that's stuck on Verizon's painfully slow 3G network. Verizon's 4G has been out for 3yrs now and it still hasn't made its way to Scotland Neck, NC. Verizon skipped all over my town while they were upgrading. We're one big 3G circle on Verizon's crummy map. Things wouldn't be so difficult if I could actually get some decent 3G speeds. Months ago I was able to get up to 3mbs down and now I'm lucky if I can make it to just 1Mb which I can't! I've had the HTC Thunderbolt, the Galaxy S3, and now the Galaxy S4. All 4G LTE devices and I'm still without 4G. Just when exactly is Verizon gonna complete this upgrade? I don't have time to hear about waiting until next yr or the end of this year. I shouldn't have to as Verizon should have been had my area covered. I mean all in all Scotland Neck, NC is a very popular and famous town.

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Jaron, I know you're ready to enjoy LTE and we want you to. We're working hard to bring the brilliance of LTE to all of our customers. At this point, I do not have the date when LTE will be available in your area. Please continue to track our LTE expansions.. Have a great weekend.


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