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Why is it that we use to have awesome signal and now Verizon has terrible signal? I'm literally over paying an arm and a leg for service that I don't even get. What's the point anymore. I swear it's to get people to purchase their WiFi or new phones. Maybe they should focus less on making money for once and worry about improving things to keep customers. Because my husband and I are looking into different carriers and so is my husbands mother and father!! Everyone else in my family has switched to AT&T and I don't blame them ONE BIT!  I've had it!!! 62534 is the zip code! Fix this garbage! 

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Harrison, Tennessee 37341 Cell Service degraded badly from Full bar to in past 6 months now @ 1 dot

First off We have iPhone X, iPhone 6s+, iPad 9.7 with Cell service on it.

Family has iPhone x, iPhone 8, iPads, a few Android devices  etc...

We are an Apple FamilyWe have lived in this Home for over 5 years and I have been with Verizon forever, prior to moving here.

When we moved in we had Cell service at MAX strength.

Over pst 6 months our cell service has degrade to what it is now, ALL BUT NON_EXISTANT!

Now this is both inside and Outside the home and the Tower is 1.5 miles away and since I hve not moved my 4,000 sqft home and from what I can tell the tower has not moved either there must be something that Verizon is doing to degrade the signal.

I keep all the phones for my family updated. I have had the phones to the Verizon and Apple store and neither have identified issues with our phones so again, there must be something that Verizon is doing to degrade the signal.


I have spoken to others in the area with Android as well as more Apple products and they all have the same story.


Verizon service has degraded to the point to where I am looking at changing providers as well as recommending others do the same in the area and then Verizon may take notice of the situation!

I can go to my family inCleveland where we have always had a full bar and strangly we still have a full bar when there but again we return home and anywhere we are we no have just 1 dot or less!

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Then change? Carriers don't care who leaves, neither should you. A rep may may give a scripted response they are sad, but in reality they aren't bothered. Not Verizon and not any of their competitors.

Verizon still works the best for me personally, but the day that changes, I'd drop them without hesitation.

As far as signal degrading, that could be congestion. Doesn't matter if you're close enough to see a tower, it's how loaded that does 

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We are saddened to hear that you are having service issues. We are here to help. When did this first start? What's the make and model of your phone?