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Over the past few months, I have had signal issues in Columbia, SC.  where we used to have a full 4G signal, the signal now is much weaker (shows one bar of service or even no service) and is on 3G more often than 4G. This signal weakness was present in both my old phone, an iPhone 6, and the new phone, an iPhone 7. I find that if the signal is non-existent, I have to restart the phone for it to pick up a signal. However, the phone loses the signal shortly afterward. I do not think this issue is related to phone or simcard. I have seen cell towers being serviced, but I have read no news on any company upgrades or enhancements to cell towers here. If the issue is with damaged equipment, a result of a solar flare, or a demand on the system, please let me know. That is all I ask.

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WOREVA30, we always want our valuable customers to get great service with us. We certainly want to help get you connected. Columbia has many zip codes and covers a large area. Please tell us what zip code you are having this issue at? Also, is this an issue when just indoors or outside as well too?

When you restart your phone does your phone get a good signal at first?


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