Very POOR coverage!!
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I’ve been with VZW for over 20 years and this is the worst service ever… I didn’t mind paying as much because I had the “most reliable network”.  When we had really bad tornadoes come through our state and my city was without power for days, I was the only one who still had cellular service…. As I type I have one bar on LTE. This is ridiculous….. Please look into the 35806 area and put it back to where it was 5 months ago.

Oh and please don’t suggest I used my WiFi calling while I’m inside my home…. I should not have to pay my internet service provider to use my cellphone that I’m paying my cellular service provider for!! 

Re: Very POOR coverage!!
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We know it's important to have the best service available to you. We are here to help. Please send us a Private Message.*Rebecca