Very Poor CDMA coverage - Downtown Sterling, MA

Hoping a VZW rep can help, I'm fed up with VZW even as it is an otherwise flawless carrier.


My home in Sterling, MA is located between two towers and nothing I do seems to help with calls.  They're dropping, spotty, and my phone is utterly unreliable. Checking the signal strength of the network, it's always ~ -90 to -100 dBm, which results in 0-2 bars, and the phone constantly switching towers and looking for service.  I've tried PRL updates, different areas of the apartment, and even going outside; but the problems persist.  Once I get out of the downtown area, the problems go away.


3G doesn't seem to be an issue, as I get 3-4 bars with that service.  4G hasn't been rolled out here yet.


It's becoming more and more a pain, as I'm currently working from home and use VZW to conduct business.  I had issues with two phones now, my Droid A885, and now the Droid 3.  I've tried troubleshooting the phones, but it's obvious it's a coverage issue, and not a phone issue.  Family in the area, which I ended up reccomending VZW service too, have also been having these issues.


Is there anything VZW can do rectify the problem?  Are there any options for me, besides switching carriers / using my land line?



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Re: Very Poor CDMA coverage - Downtown Sterling, MA
Verizon Employee



That is horrible to have poor service in and around your home I understand how you would need your device there most of all! Thank you for the troubleshooting that you have already done you've helped narrow down what could be causing this issue.


Have you ever had good service in or around your apartment? Since other devices are also having a issue there has a trouble ticket ever been opened for your home location?


What a trouble ticket is we send a engineer out to your location they test the signal outside and at the tower to see if any improvements can be made. To open a trouble ticket please PM me and I'll get your account information or call Technical Support at 800-922-0204.


Another way to boost signal in your apartment would be a Network Extender. Here's a link for that device. It's a great help in signal challenged locations.


Thank you