Very Slow LTE Speeds in New Orleans over last two weeks


How do we report potential issues with our local cell tower?  In New Orleans, (zip code 70124), we have noticed a substantial degradation of LTE speed over the last two weeks.  I have checked on multiple devices and have tried other areas of the city.  It appears that the current issue is worst around the Lakeview neighborhood - zip 70124.

Just tonight I was only able to achieve a 2-3mbs data transfer rate.  However, when I went 3 miles down the road to Metairie (zip 70002), I was able to achieve >30Mps on two different phones.

Is there a way to check network status, outage info or repair data for a given location?

It's extremely frustrating to have to pay for an unlimited plan only to find that you are actually limited in your home neighborhood because the data speed is so poor.

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Re: Very Slow LTE Speeds in New Orleans over last two weeks
Customer Service Rep

muerte42, I'm sorry to hear that you're having issues with your data speeds. We strive to provide the best data connections, and we'll get this fixed. You mentioned the "we have noticed", are several of you having the same issue? Could you clarify what your download and upload speeds are?


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