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Video stream throttling on LTE Home Internet plan

I just want to call attention to the fact that Verizon is applying their standard 10Mbps video stream throttle to their LTE Home Internet plan. I had hoped that this wouldn't be the case before I signed up, and I actually specifically asked a Verizon rep via text chat on their website if there is any throttling on this plan, and they answered quite clearly that there is not.

Here are three images which tell a different story:

First, my (Netflix-hosted speedtest) result using my Verizon Home LTE plan with no VPN:


Now a screenshot from the Netflix app for Windows 10 with playback statistics showing. Note the bottom line, "Throughput," closely matches the result. Just a hair under 10Mbps:


(link to full-size image in case text is not readable) 

And finally, my result while connected to a VPN:


38Mbps is representative of the speeds I typically get in non-video-streaming applications, so we can clearly see that a 10Mbps throttle is being applied to video streams.

I do understand the need for throttling - LTE networks can become congested and Verizon can't magically raise additional cell towers from the Earth when they're needed. However, Verizon has historically justified the 10Mbps limit by arguing that 10Mbps provides excellent quality at 1080p resolutions, and thus it does not negatively impact the user experience for their customers. But with the increasing ubiquity of 4k televisions and streaming content, this argument does not hold up in the context of a home internet connection. See Netflix's Internet connection speed recommendations, where they recommend a download speed of 25Mbps for 4k content.

And so in summary, Verizon does throttle video streams to 10Mbps on their LTE Home Internet plan. I do feel that this has a negative impact on my user experience, as I am unable to stream content at 4k resolution on my 4k displays. I would like to see Verizon raise the speed limit for video streams to 25Mbps for LTE Home Internet customers at least during times of low network congestion.

I will say that aside from this video streaming issue, I am happy with the quality of the service. The unthrottled speeds that I'm able to get have exceeded my expectations, and they certainly exceed the speeds I could get from any other provider currently available to me in my rural location.

Re: Video stream throttling on LTE Home Internet plan

Maybe they stopped?  Ran developer tools menu on fire stick and saw 4K without vpn on netflix>prime.  Better and more consistent with vpn but curious if they lifted the 10 mbps limit?