VoLTE poor call quality in 2020.
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Wow...January 2020 in Hutchinson Kansas and VoLTE exhibits horrible call quality.  You would think all the wrinkles would be worked out of this technology by now.  iPhone SE worked fine until someone decided to kill off CDMA/3G for the new year.  I struggled with this for weeks until I finally read the right post.  Turned off my VoLTE and my call quality was fine again.  With it turned on, callers reported choppy, static, helicopter sounds...i.e. every digital artifact known to man.  Don’t terminate legacy technology until you know...know...that the new stuff will actually work.  “Should” work has no place in technology.  It either will work or it won’t.  If it doesn’t work, be transparent and tell people there is a problem.  I can respect that.  Please look in to this and fix it.  Thank you.