WIFI calling drops after 3min of use
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My wifi drops after 3 or so min of use.  This happens to multiple employees using multiple networks.  My network at work is 300mb DL speeds to I know its not an issue with my wifi. Also the wifi is not affected anywhere else.  Going into safe mode is not an answer as that does nothing.  This is happening on Samsung Note 10+, Note 9 and my old Note 8.  This also happens to everyone in the company that has a Samsung device.  Note 10, 10+, Samsung S10, S10+

Can Verizon fix this issue finally as when I search for it, appears to have thousands of issues related to this.  Step up your game and listen to the customers. 

Re: WIFI calling drops after 3min of use
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No, since it's not an issue with your WiFi, it means it's an issue with your device, which Verizon did not make (they are your network provider)