Want to upgrade HP Pavilion dm1-2010nr WWAN Moduel

So I have a working HP Pavilion dm1-2010nr that the WWAN card is no longer compatible with Verizon Wireless services. Where can I find a list of compatible WWAN modules that will work with Verizon? Windows 10 compatible is preferred as I already upgraded from Windows 7. It currently has the HP un2420 EV-DO/HSPA Mobile Broadband HP Part # WD301AA and the specs can be found here. https://h10057.www1.hp.com/ecomcat/hpcatalog/specs/provisioner/99/WD301AA.htm  Thanks

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Re: Want to upgrade HP Pavilion dm1-2010nr WWAN Moduel
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I see from HP’s website that the Verizon VZAccess Manager software comes installed on the device.
If that is no longer on there, then a fresh copy can be installed from here: http://vzam.net/ . The reason for asking for VZAccess Manager to be used is that we then can extract additional data about the card.
Once installed, you’ll head to the Help menu to find WWAN Device Info:
The IMEI is needed. Once you have it, put that information into our “Bring your own device” website here:
For quickest results choose “I’m not with Verizon”. When that page loads, what are your results when entering in the IMEI? 

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