Way to get service into dead spot in Morganton NC 28655?

I live in a rural part of Morganton, N.C. and recently noticed 4g at my neighbors houses.  Unfortunately for me, all my neighbors live on hills surrounding my residence leaving my address void of any/all service. No 1x, no 3g, and especially no 4g.  I was wondering if there was an easy and cost effective way to get 4g to my location since everyone around me (less than 300 ft away but 50+ ft of that is uphill) currently has 2 bars of service. I also cannot get broadband internet at my home, so if there is a way to get 4g signal to my address, I would be interested in going with that as a means to internet service.  Please refer to my account info for details on address and topology to better help me with this situation.

Thank you,


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