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Weak or no signal in Columbia, SC

Over the past few months, myself and many others have had signal issues in Columbia, SC.  where we used to have a full 4G signal, now is much weaker (shows one bar of service) or even switches to 3G and sometimes drops calls.  As I stated, I am not the only one having these issues.  I work for an employeer that has a contract with Verizon Wireless with over 400 devices on the account.  Our service is much weaker or non-existent in and around Columbia, SC.  I have reset my phone, removed and re-installed the sim card, and still have the same issues.  Verizon Wireless tells me that it is my phone and I need to upgrade.  This is a ploy to sell contracts and phones.  This is an issue with service.  It could be damaged equipment, a result of the solar flare, it could be a demand on the system, either way, we need our service restored back to its original strength.

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