Weak signal in entire neighborhood

Hi, I've been living in San Francisco Outer Sunset / Outer Parkside neighborhood (zip code 94116) for the past 4 years and keep having issues with connection in some areas around it (between Quintara and Sloat). Previously I lived at crossroads of Pacheco and 48th Avenue and connection was decent in this particular spot, but recently I moved a block south and now it is pretty much impossible to take a call or load a page on LTE, which is really frustrating and was the last bit to push me towards reconsidering using Verizon.    

This happens both inside and outside of my house. This happens both at my property and also throughout the entire neighborhood (issues when I step put to get coffee around Taraval/46Ave or Sloat/45th).  I've asked around the neighborhood and the other residents in the neighborhood also report they have the same problem with Verizon here... and some have since switched and had better signal/service here with other carriers. My partner is also using AT&T and having perfect connection.

I'm using iPhone 13 Pro with 5G - tho it mostly shows up as LTE and 2 bars around here at the best case, often just looses connection at all.  I'm constantly have calls where it cuts out frequently or drops altogether, iMessages sometimes won't go through, loading web pages/data is painfully slow and keep crashing. If I connect to wifi everything works but thats only good for inside my house and doesn't fix the issue.  If I'm driving home and on a phone call everything is fine until I pull into my neighborhood and then the calls start to cut in and out or eventually drop... as if we have a big dead spot in our whole neighborhood. Pretty much everywhere between Quintara and Sloat is in the dead zone.  

Can you please help before I have to switch carriers to be able to use my phone at home?  Thanks for your assistance.

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Customer Service Rep

Frt15, we are sad to read that you are having issues with your service! Very kind of you providing us all the information. We can not have this happening, we sent a private note in order to follow this up.