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Verizon’s data network is never consistent! I have only seen data speeds over 70 mbps approximately 5-6 times since switching! Sprint had 70 plus all the time and T-Mobile’s data speeds are way faster!!! 

At my residence with Verizon I might as well have snail 🐌 mail service with the 1-5 mbps that I get in the evening after getting home from work. Funny thing is at 430 in the morning my data speeds are 40 mbps plus at the same residence that I see speeds of 1-5 mbps in the evening. 

Verizon tech support and staff cannot explain the reasons for the huge fluctuations and at best have suggested using my WiFi at home 🤔 I don’t pay over $200 a month for cell phone service to use WiFi!!!! 

All first responders and general public looking for a great cellphone provider should look else where because Verizon does not have the best data network!!! 

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Service concerns are not what we want for you. Our goal is to help. I understand you've addressed this concern previously. It is important to note that all cellular providers cannot guarantee coverage indoors as many factors outside of Verizon’s control can contribute to indoor performance as we recommend Wi-Fi to improve an indoor experience. We'll be more than happy to troubleshoot at this time. What make and model device do you have? 



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