What is going to be done about subpar LTE coverage in Pittsburgh & Detroit?

About 3 months ago, I moved from Detroit to Pittsburgh. Verizon is the king of 4G in Detroit. In Pittsburgh...not so much. LTE is not consistent at all. You'd think 3G would allow you to do "basic" things like steam music or load navigation, but those tasks are impossible. I feel like 3G usage should not be subtracted from my data allotment. At least when you drop down to 3G/HSPA/4G on AT&T or T-Mobile/MetroPCS, data speeds are still considerable.

I cannot even use my phone at work. I haven't been receiving text messages. But Verizon boasts about spectrum and lower frequency and indoor coverage...I'm not seeing it in Pittsburgh. In Detroit, Verizon was solid, but I did notice that when I go into my "hoods" that I would drop down to 3G, while other carriers had LTE; It seems like Verizon only places towers based on income, because wherever there was a MetroPCS store in Detroit, Verizon would only have 3G. I'm thinking of leaving.

Is there ANY update on if/when Verizon will work on this issue in Pittsburgh?

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