What kind of company is this?

Step One. look at Verizon coverage map. Yes I'm clearly in the map.

Step Two. Buy a plan (Do More Unlimited) and a phone. (Moto Z4)

Step Three. Get phone and activate.

Step Four. Look at data speeds. Oh look I'm getting 600kb/s, on a good day. Some days, AOL dial up from twenty years ago is faster.

Step Five. Call tech support. Have tech support tell you that your signal is excellent. But the tower you are on has 24 percent congestion. The highest number tech support has ever seen.

Step Six. Have tech support tell you to get WiFi for congested times. Which are 7am to 12 am. Or to switch carriers. But also don't worry the network engineers will see there is a problem.

Step Seven. Try to get out of contract. Wait I have to pay money to get out early.

Step Eight. Continue to pay for a service that I don't recieve.

Step Nine. Download shows at night time when I recieve 4G speeds. 

Step Ten. Easily go over your 50gb "premium" 4G allocation, downloading shows.

Step Eleven. Get 10kb/s speeds during the day, thanks to deprivation of speeds for being over your "premium" data on your "unlimited 4G" data plan.

Step Twelve. Help pick up all the nerve Verizon drops daily