Who has extremely slow speed or no data right now?
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I live in Northern NJ and have two VZ wireless accounts both with premium unlimited data plans. Over the last few days the data download speeds have crawled to a halt. (<0.5mbps or less).  611 says there is no network issue but I find it hard to believe.  Can we get a list of folks here who are experiencing this issue and your speeds and location?  I don't believe this is throttling I think this is a major network issue and it is not being communicated properly.

Re: Who has extremely slow speed or no data right now?
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Englewood, you deserve fantastic coverage at all times. We know how much of an inconvenience it can be to experience a fluctuating signal, and we want to fix this. In order to better assist you, can you please provide the nearest intersection and zip code for the last location this issue occurred? Does this issue happen indoors/outdoors or both? Are others experiencing the same issue?