Why does netflix load so slowly on 4g network.

I have a verizon 4g lte router.  It has a very good data download speed.  When I perform a speedtest it comes in higher than 5.5 MBPS.  When I load from HULU it loads at about 2 MBPS.  However, often when loading from Netflix, it loads at less than 50 KBPS.    Any idea why netflix actually loads so slowly?  And if so, any Ideas on how to improve the rate?

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Re: Why does netflix load so slowly on 4g network.
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Hello PIequal

That's a very strange issue. Let's get this fixed. I use Netflix all the time and never see that issue so I can see how this would be very frustrating.

Which device do you have? What zip code are you in? Have you tried clearing the data and retesting?

Please let me know so we can get to the bottom of this quickly.


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