Why does the connection speed suddenly drop around 9am PST in my area?

For about 4 months or longer, a trend has been in place in our area.

The data connection speeds are only good or very fast from about 11pm to about 8 to 9am the next day (LTE).

Then the speeds drop to the kilobyte range and bringing up a site takes 5 minutes or longer.

This is just a static web page.  Even the Gmail takes forever to come up during the times 9am - 11pm, every day.

Back in January this year, we didn't have this problem.  I suspect a problem with the tower or their is too much traffic for it to manage and thus limits the total speeds in the area. 

We have had (always) at least 3 bars on the router and got great speeds on the computers in the house in the past.

We live just North of Shelton, Washington.  Service hasn't been a problem here until the last 4 to 6 months.

Please have a technician check out the tower or network connectivity in this area.

It is very hard for us to do what is needed at home with this type of UP and DOWN connection SPEEDS.

It is getting very annoying and NO it is not our equipment, all our devices, phones and routers suffer this daily speed problem


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Customer Service Rep

Datono, it definitely concerns me that your data services drop every day at the same time. This treatment can be associated with heavy usage and traffic on the tower. Let's take a closer look at your area to get you the most accurate explanation. Please check your inbox for a private message.

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