Why is 4G LTE Service so poor in northeast Boulder, CO

In the Gunbarrel part of town where I live, we now have at least four new apartment buildings which recently opened.  (And more are being built)  I can only get 3G service,  and usually only 1-2 bars at best.  Today's signal strength varied between -122 dBm and -138 dBm.  LTE is enabled for Data, but not for Voice.  In running a speedtest this morning, my ping result was 99ms; download was 0.44 mbps; and upload was 0.03 mbps.

Note that I consistently get 4-5 bars of LTE service in downtown Boulder, which is approx. 5 miles away.  Cellular download speeds are often 25-30 mbps while enjoying coffee on Pearl Street.  I am also often in Golden, CO, and have enjoyed cellular download speeds as high as 60 mbps.

Please forward this note to someone in Product Management and/or Network Operations Management.  Boulder is the home of many new technical startups, and Verizon is rapidly losing new customers who are opting to use other carriers because of the current poor service.

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