Why is coverage terrible in Woodland CA?

Why is coverage terrible in Woodland CA?

We are only 10 miles away from Sacramento International Airport and 19 miles away from Sacramento. This blows my mind that we are so close to a major metro area and the service has dead zones everywhere in town.

Everything says 4g on your phone but good luck on pulling any content from the internet or sending texts.

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Re: Why is coverage terrible in Woodland CA?
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We always want you to have the best signal possible where you use your phone the most. We just need a few additional details regarding your experience. Has the issues with signal always been this way in that area? If not, when did these issues begin?

I used the 95776 in your name in case that was the zip and I'm not showing any issues with our towers in that area. Towers are pretty spread apart however until you get closer to Sacramento in which there are several overlapping towers. Based on where you are in relation to those towers, you may not be obtaining a proper line of sight to the nearest tower to obtain the best signal.


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