Why is data connection unusable in Santa Fe, NM with full signal strength?


I have discovered that my data connection is completely unusable in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  I am currently in the zip code 87501.  I have full 4G signal strength, but cannot seem to pass any traffic to the internet.  As such, google maps is unusable, as well as the internet browser on the phone.  This appears to be a wide spread issue for many in the Santa Fe area.  It doesn't matter if I am in a building, or out on the street, this place is a complete black hole.  Using a new S8+.  As soon as I leave the Santa Fe area, data service is restored.  Rebooting the phone has zero effect.  

Running a PING application indicates HEAVY packet loss.  Response times to is as low as 770 ms and as high as 900+ ms.

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