Why is our Fusion 4G LTE slow in evenings, but fast in off hours?

So, we have no other choice in our internet. We live on a farm and the house is very far from the road.

No other internet options directly in our area, so we went with the Fusion 4G LTE.

When it's working we used to have a good connection. Now it seems as if whenever we wish to actually use it (when we want to

stream something in the evening), its just way too slow.

Using our phones at the same time, we get from 2-4 Mbps, same 4G LTE signal, right?

It's been less than 1 Mbps in the evenings on the Fusion 4G LTE. Then I'll check the speed with speedtest.net in the morning at 5 AM and

it's at 9 Mbps. So, I know the capability is there to have a great signal and fast speeds.


Is there any solution?

I've reset it multiple times and it always comes back the same speed.

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Re: Why is our Fusion 4G LTE slow in evenings, but fast in off hours?
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ONE_HORSEMAN2, I lived in the country side when I was younger, so I know the struggle with getting reliable Internet. Sounds like there is heavy traffic during peak hours. Since you rural, it doesn't take much for the cell site to get to capacity. It doesn't sound like there would be much for us to be able to since it is working. If you are unable to connect at all, then we could review further.


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