Why must my 4g and/or 4gLTE go out when I need it most?

I use my phone for WORK, thus the frustration when there is NO service!  I switched from T-Mobile (because of the same issue) to Verizon because I was told by so many people that the service is GREAT!  Well, I beg to differ!  My signal is in and out constantly!  I cannot utilize my phone nor my apps with no 4g or 4gLTE signal!  I need answers, quick...because I have work to do when I'm not in front of my PC. 

-Frustrated Consumer 

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Verizon Employee

Hello BluntestJen,

It would be my pleasure to assist you with your wireless data connection! I have a few questions on ask you to get a better understanding of the task at hand. They are as follows:

  • What make and model device(s) are you using?
  • Where are you located? (City, state, and zip code)
  • What software version do you have on the device?
  • Are you getting any error messages when trying to use data services?

If you are using a smartphone then I have some troubleshooting steps for you listed below to perform on the device. Keep in mind that some of steps below many not be applicable depending on what device that you have.

  • Verify that the software is up to date.
  • Turn bluetooth and wi-fi off in Settings.
  • Do a battery pull and SIM card pull while the device is on, re-apply the battery and SIM, then reboot.
  • Place a test call to ensure that your voice services is not compromised.
  • Perform a factory reset on the device.

The steps to a factory reset will vary based on make and model devices. Keep in mind that a factory reset will erase all contacts, calendar entries, and other personal information from the device. It's recommend to back up your personal information first. Backup Assistant is an great app for saving contacts. Pictures, videos, and music can be saved to the memory card. Once you have completed the reset then the device will need to be re-setup and reactivated. There is a brief tutorial on most smartphones to walk through this process. Once the device is setup, please test all wireless service for functionality. If you are still experiencing problems then please reply with your findings for further assistance.

Thank you...


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