Will 4G Phones work on the wireless network extender

I understand that the current wireless network extender (femtocell) is capable of data transfer at 3G speeds.  What I would like to know is whether a new 4G phone will work with the network extender for both voice and data (at 3G speeds).  I'm thinking of buying a 4G phone when they are released and I want to make sure the the network extender will be compatible with it.



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Re: Will 4G Phones work on the wireless network extender
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Any 4G phones that Verizon releases in the next several years will HAVE to have 3G and probably 1X radios also included, meaning they can be used with the Network Extender and in areas that do not yet have 4G service.  It makes no sense for Verizon to sell phones that can only be used in a limited portion of their calling area.


By the time this is an issue and Verizon is considering turning off 3G, I'm sure you will have replaced or upgraded your Network Extender.